Christy I am still looking for your post 🙂


Dear Susan,

I couldn’t be happier that you decided to address Christy and those with her like mind. I haven’t seen Christy’s post, but I have seen yours. This is the beginning of a long list of my posts and I have you to thank for it. Why you ask? You have inspired me to no longer remain silent. I will not sit back and ignore my true feelings. Thank you sincerely, for sharing your thoughts, as I will now share mine.

Below you will find a portion of Susan’s response to Christy.

“I’m going to make assumptions — and I could be wrong — but I’m a college-educated, professional mom. I live in a safe neighborhood with nice houses, surrounded by big, shady trees. My days are filled with the stuff of suburbia: My kids get a warm breakfast before school, and I go to work or the gym. I get my groceries delivered to my door. I’m a single mom and my life gets messy sometimes, but I’m grateful for everything my kids and I have and I fully understand that there are women in this country who don’t have a sliver of what I have and no matter what they do, they never will. And it isn’t because they aren’t trying hard enough.”¹

I applaud your education, abilities and strength to be a single mother. That is something no one can ever take from you, congratulations on being awesome. Also I hope suburbia is treating you well and your neighbors too, I’m sure since they live there too they must have lives that are impeccable.

Let’s talk about your statement.

“…I fully understand that there are women in this country who don’t have a sliver of what I have and no matter what they do, they never will.”¹

Can you, or some other well educated woman tell me what makes you so special and entitled that you can have your life style but others cannot, no matter what they do? Is it because your white? Did you have family money given to you? Were you accepted to college because of a family name or donation? Was all of this handed to you? Let me be the one to make assumptions, perhaps you worked for it. Maybe just maybe you wanted to be in the safe, happy warm place you are and you made it your goal. I have lots of friends who find themselves questioning everyday and asking how. How will I provide for my children? How will I ever get the job I want? How will I be able to buy/rent a house, get a car or keep the things I have? How? Well, they work for it, they use what is currently available- the system. Want to talk about being a minority? Hispanic, Black, Native American? Tell me, when is the last time you filled out a form that asked for your race? It doesn’t matter. Let me tell you, they all ask for it. I have friends and family who can check off one of those boxes, and we know it can sometimes work to their benefit, and I am good with that. Why, because there is still a minority! Sometimes it doesn’t even matter what your race is, it matters what side of the tracks you were born and raised on. For instance, I had a single mom who worked three jobs to make ends meet. I lived in government housing until she eventually saved enough to purchase a trailer- in a trailer park! Good for us, she worked hard, and kept moving forward you might say. However, she still with three jobs didn’t make enough to always pay the water bill or electric and certainly not enough to fix the things that broke. Sad story right? I’m white. We were labeled as “trailer trash/white trash” (I’m sure that isn’t horrible enough for some), but it still hurt. Now, well guess what Susan…I have your life. I live in a nice town,  a great neighborhood and have a beautiful home that is 2600 sqft,  and my three kids have all they need and most of what they want. Guess how I did it? I worked, I went to college (I actually have my Bachelors) and I have little debt to show for it. Yay me!

So Susan as you can see not everyone can just “have” what you have, but almost every American citizen can work to have what you have- and more!

(If you would like to discuss those women who don’t have what you have we can and will in future posts.)

Below is the link to susan.speer where you can read her full post.